Fleet News – February 2022 Edition

Good afternoon all,

We are excited to announce the February 2022 edition of the new and improved G&H Towing Fleet News! The Fleet News will be published twice a year and will continue to provide you all with news and highlights of the company.

In the February 2022 edition, you will read of several topics and new developments over the past year at G&H Towing, including a new tug construction projects, labor negotiations update, warehouse updates, longevity awards, 2021 highlights, and much more.   We want this newsletter to be valuable to you so pleas share your feedback, comments, and questions that you may have on anything about the information provided, as well as suggestions of topics you’d like to see in future newsletters.  You can submit your suggestions to ghtfleetnews@gandhtowing.com.

You can view the newsletter through either our G&H Towing Employee Intranet here: http://www.gandhtowing.com/employeenews/fleet-news-february-2022-edition/  or view the newsletter below.

Please make sure to read our February 2022 edition of the Fleet News and we hope you enjoy the content and what our company has been up to over the past year!

Thank you all and have a wonderful day!

Fleet News February 2022