At G&H Towing we know there is nothing more valuable than our people. That’s why we invest in our employees’ growth, support each other in day-to-day operations, ensure that our vessels and equipment are state-of-the-art, maintain high safety standards, and promote from within the company.

We offer:

  • Stable and steady work
  • Industry leading wages and benefits
  • The opportunity to work with cutting edge technology
  • Advanced operational systems
  • Training and growth opportunities

G&H Towing tugs run primarily on convenient 7-day on/7-day off schedules, allowing mariners to have plenty of time with friends and family, and to pursue hobbies or additional education. We are located in ports along the Gulf of Mexico in sunny Texas, known for its strong communities and affordable cost of living.

G&H Towing tugs are operated by four-person crews. Crews in Houston, Galveston, Texas City and Freeport work a 7-day on/7-day off schedule. Crews in Corpus Christi work a 7-day on/7-day off schedule or a 14-day on/14-day off schedule in select ports.

G&H Towing is continually seeking out qualified candidates to join the G&H team – from newly graduated students to experienced mariners coming from other companies. Whether you are just starting out, participating in a maritime program, looking to change occupations, or are a military veteran looking to build your civilian career, there are many paths to a rewarding maritime career. In addition to hiring graduates of maritime academies, G&H Towing offers the opportunity to start in an entry-level position without a college or maritime academy degree, allowing you to move up the ranks with on-the-job experience, training opportunities and help acquiring endorsements.

We are committed to our employee’s growth and advancement by:

  • Offering a Towing Officers Assessment Record (TOAR) endorsement program to help mariners advance while on the job.
  • Offering paid officer ratings and license upgrade training.
  • Actively promoting from within the company, including tug master positions, which are selected through an internal pool of highly capable mates.

Please visit the Marine Career Guide to learn more about types of positions, and Work at G&H to see current shoreside and marine job openings and requirements.