Christening of Connolly M & Cooper K

This year G&H Towing was able to celebrate the christening of the Connolly M and Cooper K on October 21st, 2023.  The crews of Connolly and Cooper K along with our shoreside support staff worked diligently with pride to make this prestigious event a success.  With assistance from our Shoregang department, it was instrumental ensuring the safe embarkation of the tugs for all guests that attended.

Crew assigned on the Cooper K who assisted:

  • James Sherwood
  • Jeff Crane
  • Franklin Clotter
  • Corbin Parkerson
  • Austin Wisely
  • Zachary LeCompte
  • Christopher Spell
  • David LeCompte

Crew assigned on the Connolly M who assisted:

  • Jess Alford
  • James Raney
  • Mitchell Bradford
  • Christian Quintanilla
  • Milam “Tell” Bokorney
  • William “Bryce” Martin
  • Pete Garcia
  • John Brintnall
  • Luke Cazalas